A Writers Lif!

If you feel like you never quite fit in-don’t worry you are probably a writer!

I always felt like this until I stopped worrying and learned to love the pen. Now I do what I want. I use my oddball talents to create entire worlds and people.

So far it is two stand-alone novels and some anthologies. I also live a secret life as the 15 minute poet-check me out!

I think there are more of us out there than we know. People who are burning to have a go at writing but a bit scared to give it a try.

I am creating this little site just to show you that a perfectly ordinary person-(that’s a lie I have been an eccentric since day one) can write stuff.

I won’t update loads, but I will add things and respond if you want to chat-just to find a friendly ear in the void.

We are totally friendly on this page-All my novels have an LGBQT element to them. Everyone is welcome-just don’t behave like a dick because I will have to block you!

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