Betty is Back

I haven’t posted any new work for a while.

I have managed to get a book into Waterstones which was a real buzz.

I am currently writing a sequel  to A Twist of Starlight, it is called a Twist In Stone. I have also written a romance.

This is the introduction.

I have really enjoyed writing this story about two older men who find each other. As with any romance keeping it from getting too sickly was part of the problem. I have enjoyed the challenge and feedback so far has been good.

It is called Overture and Beginners at the moment but this may change. I quite like The Actor The Painter and The Little Brown Dog.


I’m not quite sure where I should begin, at the beginning I suppose. 

My name is James Porter but the world knows me as Allan. I am a short chubby chap who is over 60 and truly thinks that he looks like the back end of a bus. People tell me I am adorable in the way that they would speak to a Labrador who wants scratching between the ears.

I am and always have been openly gay. I have absolutely no problem with this whatsoever, if anyone else finds it awkward that is for them to sort out. In the past I was generally attracted to good looking young men in their thirties who always seemed to let me down and leave me heartbroken. 

I am the faithful type. Unfortunately my beautiful boys didn’t always feel the same. I have lost count of the times I have thought that this was the ‘one’, only to find out that my ‘one’ had other ideas and had formed a secret two with someone else.

Oh, I have forgotten to mention that I am an actor, quite a famous one. People call me a national treasure which makes me sound like I should be in a glass case, sitting next to Dame Judi Dench and surrounded by security.

I am not a treasure. I am an actor who through hard work, a little talent, and a fair bit of luck has managed to make a more than decent living from the profession. I give back by working for Equity, theatrical charities, and mentoring acting students.

When I reached fifty I started to be offered character parts. The phone never stopped ringing and my agent was one happy lady. Between television, theatre and the occasional film role I am rarely out of work. I can afford to turn things down and I do if it’s rubbish, but I love my work. 

Some years ago I kicked the last younger lover out of my bed. Plenty of them have used my mattress as a springboard to higher things. Treading on me to climb the ladder. I decided that enough was enough and that Todd would be the last, I had been hurt once too often. 

I’m not saying I went celibate or anything. God forbid that should ever happen. I like sex, who doesn’t, I simply decided to stop looking for the ‘one’ and to keep my relationships on a much more casual basis. I didn’t sleep around but occasionally I would indulge myself if the feeling was mutual. 

I was pretty down about it all if I am honest. I had always hoped that one day I would find a long-term partner, and settle into a life of domestic bliss with the man of my dreams. The world is a funny place. I am telling you all this because when I stopped looking for ‘Mr Right’ I found him, somewhere I had never considered looking. I almost lost him a couple of times along the way, but I got him back again.

This is our story.

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