My Other Longship Is A Coracle! Let’s Party Like It’s 899. (Commaful)

I watched from the embankment.

A Viking ship emerging from the mud after more than a thousand years.

In my head I could see what had happened…

Keep the boat steady lads and pass us that skin of beer.

Big Olaf stop moaning!

Rolls his eyes.

Little Olaf swap places with big Olaf he has a blister from the rowing!

Yes little Olaf it is getting foggy, I don’t know how these people manage either!

We can’t even use our Sun Stone, perhaps we should have brought a map after all.

Little Sven put down the wineskin and concentrate, you were supposed to be navigating

I know it’s not your turn and yes it’s not fair but big Sven has a cold and his mother wouldn’t let him come.

What do you mean you think we took a wrong turn at France.

We should be in Paris in an hour!

Yes Paris Sven, not London, their river is too shallow.

I know you like the shops, and yes we can pick up more beer but we’re going to Paris this time I promised the lads.

Perhaps next time, and you can sit up the pointy end as a treat.

I’m sorry you couldn’t get a ‘My Other Longship Is A Coracle’ bumper sticker, but don’t sulk, just turn the boat around nicely.

What do you mean you don’t feel like it now.





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