Dress Code Informal (Commaful)

I followed him

I probably shouldn’t have done

But I was worried.

When your elderly neighbour asks for a lift

Because he’s had a fall and he can’t drive

And you end up taking him out into the hills

On a beautiful summer evening.

He told me to leave him with the long bleached grass and the swallows diving overhead.

I said don’t be silly!

But he insisted.

He was meeting a friend he said

They were off to a party

And he would find his own way back.

So I watched as he limped away

Then I followed him.

I was worried that he was delusional

But there was a friend

A man waiting in the trees

They strolled away

Disappearing from view

So I followed them.

It took me some time

But I found them

On the hillside


There must have been twenty




And leaping

Jumping for joy in the sunshine

Of a midsummer evening.

It was a rare sight to see.

Then I left

It wasn’t my party

I didn’t fit the dress code

Which was Agouti brown

Except for the one with the bandaged leg!

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