Waiting In The Wings


Based on the Story of actor William Terriss, stabbed outside the Adelphi Theatre in December 1897.

I go to every performance, every matinee and every rehearsal at the Old Queens Theatre.

From the Gods to the Pit I am always there, as much a part of the place as the tip up seats or the foyer programs.

A glow from the stage is my limelight cloak, I wrap myself in its smoky softness and keep safe among the tattered folds of midnight.

In the stalls I soak it in. The warmest of baths on a winter night.

It calls out to something so deep within my soul that I have lost the memory of when it all began.

I know it was long ago, but where and when the final curtain fell I could not say.

Theatres change, audiences get younger but I endure.

It’s being there that counts, around performers, and the theatre people that I know so well.

Nervous bustle and energy feeds me and makes me whole for a time.

When the curtain comes down and the crowds have departed it’s my turn to dance, as I did when the Old Queens Theatre was new.

I trod the boards for many a year.

Sometimes I can still hear applause in my head. It has washed into the walls, and like me it cannot leave.

If you spot me sitting quiet and still in the darkness, it is lucky.

I am a good omen, it means a long run so they say.

The Man in Grey is always welcome.

A guest star, waiting in the wings

A final bow in a show that will never close.

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